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Sponsor: StorMagic

Established in 2006, StorMagic is a leading provider of software-defined storage for virtual server environments. StorMagic offers SvSAN, the most cost-effective virtual SAN for SMB and multi-site locations.

Designed by StorMagic’s team of leading storage and networking experts, SvSAN enables simple, highly available virtual storage which requires only two servers on site. SvSAN leverages the sever storage and presents it as a virtual SAN, eliminating the need for physical SANs and reducing server and software spend by as much as 40%.

SvSAN makes the proven benefits of virtualization technology available to more cost sensitive SMB and remote office locations. Although data stays local, tens to thousands of virtual environments can simply be managed from a central location, which removes the need for dedicated specialist IT staff at each site.

StorMagic’s customers include those with just one site up to multi-site organizations managing thousands of locations, with a need to support their distributed server and storage estate. Regardless of size all customers needed to lower costs, ensure high availability and simplify management and support. SvSAN delivers performance and reliability where it’s needed most; the remote and branch offices where customers connect with the brand.

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