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Services for Vendors


Influencer Marketing

Consumers have grown accustomed to traditional marketing techniques to a point where even factual and technically valid content gets dismissed with a shrug. This is true not only in the general consumer market, but also in the Enterprise IT and data center world.


In the age of “fake news”, customers and decision makers are looking for independent and trusted voices to make up their minds. They’re not looking at unbiased content, but rather at well structured opinions, at points of view and at actionable information.


Influencer Marketing is at the core of what we do. We look at your solution, we analyse the industry challenges and we create the appropriate messaging to explain your audience (and our audience) why your solution is relevant.


Writing Services

TECHunplugged can help you with the creation of sponsored white papers, solution briefs, case studies or technical deep dives. Our value comes from an independent perspective on the problematic covered in the white paper or document. When needed, we also involve TECHunplugged’s community of industry analysts to augment our content with relevant independent expert opinions and commentaries.


We can also help customers who seek a steady pipeline of compelling content to enrich their corporate blog with external insights and opinions. These can be either individual, standalone articles focusing on a specific topic or a series of articles covering a broader topic of general interest.


Articles can cover product introduction, technical deep-dives, technical guidance for specific context or be focusing on industry problematics that are linked with the vendor’s core business and marketing objectives.

Have a look at some of our latest content in our Media Portfolio section.


Media Services

Multimedia content has been gaining momentum; podcasts and videos are essential elements of a communication strategy to provide complete coverage with different consumption formats.


TECHunplugged proposes different solutions that can be combined together:


  • our TECHunplugged Podcast (available on iTunes and all major podcasting platform) provides a free audience to vendors and has a proven track of participation with multiple prestigious hosts
  • short video series, where we record several 5-minute videos on topics of your choice for release on social media
  • video interviews
  • webinars


Our past experience with TECHunplugged Conference events empowers us to create custom on-site events with our partnering vendors.


The objective is to convey the desired messaging to a selected audience, whether decision-makers, IT professionals or respected industry influencers.


Our area of action is primarily the EMEAR region, but we also have experience with organization of events overseas.


The outcomes of a TECHunplugged event are multiple: demand generation, lead generation, creation of video content (video sessions are recorded and uploaded on our YouTube channel), live streaming and live podcast recording.

Interested in TECHunplugged services? Contact us now and ask for our brochure, you’re just one click away from it!