TECHunplugged | Services for Enterprise IT Customers
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Services for Enterprise IT Customers


Technological Advisory

The world of data center IT is a complex one. Vendors emerge, blossom, merge with other vendors or die, leaving empty space that is soon occupied by newcomers, by disruptive technologies which sometimes shake the ground that was thought to be so firm.


We help our customers understand the shifts in the data center market, which technologies should be looked after and which may not be worth investing into. But most importantly, we help our customers find the best match between existing solutions and the business requirements they’re trying to achieve.


Architectural Advisory

Technology without a solid architecture is like a pile of construction materials without a building plan. We provide our customers with traditional services from architectural design up to implementation thanks to our network of skilled and reliable resources.


Whether you just need a hand in deploying infrastructure services, or you need to have a complete review of your application / systems architecture, TECHunplugged is ready to help.


Crisis Management Advisory

In a perfect world, your IT department should always be the smooth-running engine of the company. In some cases, and due to multiple reasons, your IT department needs that engineer tuning the engine back to its full purpose. This is where the TECHunplugged team excels in. They are the engineers that know how an engine should function and what is needed to make it perform to its full potential, educating the intern engineers so they can take over when the engine is running smooth again.


IT is one of the key ingredients for your business to be successful, let us help you to steer your IT department into the business driver it is meant to be. Building trust, performance and most of all business continuity and excellence for your business is our key objective.

Interested in TECHunplugged services for Enterprise IT customers? Simply request your brochure!