TECHunplugged | Influencer: Nigel Poulton
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Influencer: Nigel Poulton

Nigel is a popular figure in the tech industry, renowned for his love deep technical knowledge. Nigel writes a popular long-running technology blog as well as hosting the popular In Tech We Trust weekly podcast, all of which are which are known for their excellent treatment of technical topics. Nigel has worked in technology for 15 years with nearly 10 of those years spent designing and managing solutions in some of the most demanding corporate IT environments in the world. Nigel has worked his way up from changing tapes and resetting passwords, all the way up to designing resilient, high performance, petabyte scale solutions, as well as owning and managing production technology environments, predominantly in the financial services sector. Nigel is currently working with container technologies including Docker.

You can follow Nigel on:
Podcast: In Tech We Trust
Twitter: @nigelpoulton