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Discover TECHunplugged

What is TECHunplugged?

TECHunplugged is an innovative conference format (full day event) which brings together vendors, independent industry influencers and end-users, where sponsored sessions alternate with though-provoking presentations by influencers (respected industry figures in their own field of activity). The event covers multiple facets of Enterprise IT hot topics such as BC/DR, Cloud computing, Storage, Networking and touches to emerging / bleeding edge aspects such as IoT, Serverless/Containers, High Performance Computing, AI/ML, Edge Computing etc.


Whether you are an attendee, an industry influencer or a sponsor, there are very valid reasons why attending a TECHunplugged event makes sense. Beyond the categories, what makes TECHunplugged unique is the community around the event which allows for attendees, sponsors and influencers to engage together and bring discussions and topics to the next level, for the benefit of all.


Attendees are C-Level Executive, Technology Directors and overall IT professionals from a broad background looking at a new viewpoint on how to handle upcoming technologies and challenges. Not only can they listen to though-provoking presentations from industry influencers and vendors alike, but they can also interact with them as well as with their peers during the event.


They can also learn more about our sponsors during the coffee breaks in the sponsor booth area. Attendees participate for free and are offered refreshments as well as lunch.


Industry Influencers are essential to the success of TECHunplugged events. They are acclaimed for their knowledge of the industry & market, and their message is reinforced by their independent stance.


Influencers are also often visionaries that focus on bleeding edge topics and provide though-provoking ideas/concepts to the audience.


Sponsors participate to engage with attendees and industry influencers. We ask sponsors to send their best speakers & evangelists to deliver memorable content to the audience, to explain what the sponsor does while keeping focus on industry trends & challenges.


TECHunplugged provides a unique way to engage with the audience via sponsor sessions, panel discussions, live streaming, Youtube content and our podcast.

Typical TECHunplugged event in numbers

The numbers below provide a typical, average view of a full day TECHunplugged event. The registration drop-out rate (ratio between registered users to users physically attending the event) is 45-50% in EMEA and 60% in the USA.


Registered Attendees


Present Attendees




Industry Influencers


  • C-Level

  • Senior Management

  • Mid-Management

  • Individual Contributor

  • Other

Industry Verticals

  • IT / SW Development

  • Finance and Insurance

  • Government and Education

  • Services

  • Other