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Company & Team

Our Team

Arjan Timmerman

Co-Owner, Analyst

Independent Consultant, architect and Blogger, working in IT for over 15 years. He began his career at a small IT company right before the first internet buble as an administrator, working his way up in the VMware revolution and the cloudy skies we see these days.


Interested in the latest technology and all the connecting dots, investigating, analyzing and reading is the right way to stay ahead of the game if you ask him. In his spare time Arjan likes to read, play with his kids, and catch some fish with his oldest daughter.

Massimiliano Mortillaro

Co-Owner, Analyst

Massimiliano (Max) Mortillaro is an independent data center consultant, industry influencer & blogger. His 18 years career track took him in various roles, from sysadmin up to global IT operations management via consulting & architecture. He’s a staunch advocate for online security, privacy, encryption and digital rights.


Like his name very wrongfully hints, Max is French and lives with his family in Prague, Czech Republic. Besides being a failed sportsman he is a general bon vivant and the impersonation of your average hobbit in full size.

Our values

TECHunplugged is a responsible and ethical company. We fully disclose to our technology consumers the relationships we have with vendors and we make sure that our moral integrity primes above financial interests. Our promise is that of a rigorous & professional approach in discussions, researches and preparation of any content and/or project. We base our relationships with vendors & customers on the same credo: let’s be open, positive and honest to each other, we’re into business to achieve mutual success.


We believe in people and the power of networking. We have built over the years a network of friends in the industry, especially with influencers, subject matter experts and thought leaders. Our mantra is trust, openness and empowering others. Just like we have been helped in our professional careers, we want to make sure we can help others elevate as well.


Our dedication and commitment is inspired by Japan’s successful blend of tradition and modernity, of hand-crafted work that is precisely executed to the smallest detail, which is also our aim when serving our customers.

TECHunplugged can help you whether you are a technology vendor or an end user Enterprise IT department / organisation.