TECHunplugged | 2019 Event Schedule
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2019 Event Schedule

The following dates and locations are planned for 2019 and are indicative only. We are currently working with our partners & potentials sponsors determine which events will actually happen. Please check this page regularly as well as our Twitter account for news!

Note that in 2019, we do not plan any events in Northern America.

Month Date City Country Is Holiday?
January 22 January 2019 Abu Dhabi UAE No
January 24 January 2019 Rome Italy No
February 19 February 2019 Barcelona Spain No
February 21 February 2019 Munich Germany No
March 19 March 2019 Amsterdam Netherlands No
March 21 March 2019 Zurich Switzerland No
April 16 April 2019 Milan Italy Week Before Easter
April 18 April 2019 Frankfurt Germany Week Before Easter
May 21 May 2019 Brussels Belgium No
May 23 May 2019 Paris France No
June 18 June 2019 Dublin Ireland No
June 20 June 2019 London United Kingdom No
July 23 July 2019 Prague Czech Republic No
July 25 July 2019 Wien Austria No
August Holidays
August Holidays
September 17 September 2019 Dublin Ireland No
September 19 September 2019 Köln Germany No
October 22 October 2019 Amsterdam Netherlands No
October 24 October 2019 Basel Switzerland No
November 19 November 2019 Dubai UAE No
November 21 November 2019 Lyon France No
December 10 December 2019 Tel Aviv Israel No

Do you live in a large metropolitan area?  Would you like TECHunplugged to organize an event near you? Let us know!