Gabe Maentz serves as the Director of Solutions Architects for River Point Technology, bringing cross-industry leadership experience, working for both IT startup and Fortune 500 global corporations.  Gabe has been recognized as a three time vExpert for his active contributions to the IT community, a co-founder of the vBrisket community, and delegate for Tech Field Day. Gabe holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Marquette University and resides in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Marion and their four children.

In Chicago Gabe will talk about:

What is Your Role? A Peek Behind IT Business Titles.

Full Stack Engineer.  Enterprise Architect.  Technical Evangelist.  Developer Advocate.  Influencer.  IT Janitor.  We are bombarded with a series of titles and terms in the modern IT namespace. Some are new and some have been with us for years, but do these titles really mean anything?  Do they clearly articulate what we do everyday?  Perhaps they are an indication of change taking place in our industry, or maybe just the latest set of buzz words?  This session is targeted for passionate technologists who are not afraid of embracing change, but are in the midst of determining how to stay relevant despite the title embossed on their business cards.  We will take a deeper look behind our titles and explore the roles that will continue to make us great now and moving forward.

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