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Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) – how does it compare??

19:55 13 February in Community, Uncategorized by Romain Serre

Software-Defined approaches have been embraced widely over the recent years. These models provides increased flexibility, simplification, consolidation and scalability over traditional approaches. Instead of deploying specialized hardware devices (e.g. appliances), Software-Defined models enable the management of network, storage and compute in a software-oriented manner.Software-Defined Compute...

Docker Networking Deep Dive

12:48 10 February in Community, Uncategorized by Nigel Poulton

Love it or hate it….. networks are at the centre of everything!  And that doesn’t change with Docker. In fact, you could argue that networks are more important than ever in the emerging container world…… For example…. as good and useful as containers are, they...