Welcome Veeam as first sponsor at TECHunplugged Amsterdam

Sponsors Amsterdam 2017

We would like to thank Veeam (@Veeam) being the first sponsor for TECHunplugged Amsterdam. We’ve been thinking hard and long and hard how to continue  after enrico’s departure, but we’re ready to start things up again and we’ll be in Amsterdam first. I’ll write a little more on the changes we made to TECHunplugged in a later blogpost, but for now I wanted to make sure you know why we are thrilled to have Veeam as a sponsor again.

During the last couple of TECHunplugged conferences we’ve had our fair share of awesome Veeam presentations, and I want to make sure you see them,  as for us it paints the perfect picture of why we have such an awesome sponsor in Veeam!

The first video during the Austin conference where Veeam presented we had Clint Wyckoff (@ClintWyckoff)  presenting on the following topic:

Veeam: Design Considerations: What is the ULTIMATE VM Backup Architecture?

The Second time in London Rick Vanover (@RickVanover) presented on the subject of:

Availability in the era of ransomware, cloud & legacy backup not being enough


The third conference Veeam presented was in Amsterdam and we had Mike Resseler (@MikeResseler) presenting on Using Cloud IAAS resources:

Veeam: Using Cloud IaaS resources by Mike Resseler



And the last event Veeam presented was in Chicago where Clint Wyckoff presented again on:

the Magic that Windows Server 2016 and ReFS provide to your next backup repository



Again we are very excited to have Veeam as a sponsor again and are looking forward to having one of the Veeam guys or girls presenting an awesome presentation again. So thank you Veeam for being such a cool sponsor and lets have another great TECHunplugged event together again!

Please welcome Max and Jane

Please welcome Max and Jane

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Enrico leaving TECHunplugged to start a new chapter in his life starting in his new role at OpenIO.

As a lot of you might have already noticed, I asked Massimiliano (Max) Mortillaro and Jane Rimmer to help me organise the TECHunplugged events. Both of them are well known people in the industry, and I think they both add a lot of knowledge and dedication to the event started by Enrico!

Just to make sure you know the both of them here is a short bio for both:

Massimiliano (Max) Mortillaro is an independent data center consultant specialising in virtualisation and storage technologies. Max is a five times VMware vExpert (2013-2017), a Tech Field Day delegate, a Nutanix Technology Champion (2017) as well as a leader for the Czech Republic VMware User Group.

He’s a staunch advocate for online security, privacy, encryption and digital rights. Like his name very wrongfully hints, Max is French and lives with his family in Prague, Czech Republic. Besides being a failed sportsman he is a general bon vivant and the impersonation of your average hobbit in full size.

Max is reachable here:

Hi, I’m Jane Rimmer and have been working in the virtualization industry since before it was called virtualization 🙂 I joined Citrix in 1997 and the abstraction we were doing then was called Server-Based Computing rather than virtualization. I joined VMware in 2003 and my career in virtualization really took off. I am proud to have worked for both companies, despite them being rivals today – when I joined VMware, Citrix had just announced them as a partner. Today, one of the most common enterprise deployments is XenApp running on vSphere.

Since leaving VMware in 2005 I have been running my own company, hiviz-marketing, a consultancy aimed at helping US vendors enter the EMEA market. I have been fortunate enough to work with many virtualization eco-system partners in this time and in July 2010 was asked to join the steering committee of the London VMware User Group (VMUG). Since then I’ve been an active member of the VMUG community and have been awarded vEXPERT status in 2011, 12,13,14,15,16 and now in 2017 – an achievement I’m very proud of, given all vExperts are uber-techie. Whilst not being a techie, I am a techknowlogist (as Mike Laverick likes to refer it as!) and love seeing how technology can solve business challenges and issues.

My twitter bio is below and you can connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter (I rarely use Google+ if I’m honest!) and you can read my blog

Rimmergram – Virtualization marketing veteran, CTXS & VMW, London VMUG Leader 2010-2016, vExpert 2011/12/13/14/15/16/17, owner of hiviz-marketing, 2 kids, 4 horses, 3 dogs & husband.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us!

Thanks for your support for TECHunplugged, and to meet you at one of our events!

Arjan Timmerman

User Behavior Analytics for the Individual Cloud User

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In a recent conversation with a colleague in the UK, Johan Dreyer, (Mimecast Email Security Director); we discussed an interesting angle on the future of data security for the individual user.  That of utilizing User Behavior Analytics (UBA) as a means of protection from impostor access. The Real Enterprise Problem Often times we think of […]

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Getting Started with the Amazon EC2 AMI

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Amazon Web Services is all about making the cloud consumer process as consistent and as simple as possible.  Simple is relative to the consumer, but consistency is key for everyone currently using the service, or looking to adopt it.  One thing we like to do for matching both simple and consistent is to use processes […]

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Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) – how does it compare??

Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) – how does it compare??

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Software-Defined approaches have been embraced widely over the recent years. These models provides increased flexibility, simplification, consolidation and scalability over traditional approaches. Instead of deploying specialized hardware devices (e.g. appliances), Software-Defined models enable the management of network, storage and compute in a software-oriented manner.

Software-Defined Compute (SDC) provides hardware virtualization to run many isolated operating system (VMs) on a single host. VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V are the leader in this market segment.
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) concerns all network aspects such as switches, firewall, gateway, load-balancer and so on. Solutions as VMware

Docker Networking Deep Dive

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Love it or hate it….. networks are at the centre of everything!  And that doesn’t change with Docker.

In fact, you could argue that networks are more important than ever in the emerging container world……

For example…. as good and useful as containers are, they add new emphasis to the challenge of scale. They also add the challenge of integrating with existing applications and VLANs.

So with all of this in mind, I’ve released a new video training course called Docker Networking.

The course  is about 1 hour 50 minutes,

Get Wise about the Health of your Citrix Environment

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When it comes to monitoring the health of your Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop environment understanding it’s overall health can be critical.  The level of criticality can vary of course depending on what your organization uses Citrix for, but there are many industries that rely on their Citrix deployments for their critical applications. That being said, the solutions […]

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Java in the Cloud: Continuous Integration Setup Tutorial

Java in the Cloud: Continuous Integration Setup Tutorial

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Methodologies such as Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Integration and Deployment – along with the evolution of microservices – have collectively boosted software development process productivity to a point where it is a pleasure to be developing software more than ever before.

Utilizing automation and setting up the correct set of tools can make the development and delivery of software products surprisingly painless.

This article will take a look at this new universe from the perspective of a Java developer who crosses into DevOps and searches to optimize product development and

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