We would like to thank Veeam (@Veeam) being the first sponsor for TECHunplugged Amsterdam. We’ve been thinking hard and long and hard how to continue  after enrico’s departure, but we’re ready to start things up again and we’ll be in Amsterdam first. I’ll write a little more on the changes we made to TECHunplugged in a later blogpost, but for now I wanted to make sure you know why we are thrilled to have Veeam as a sponsor again.

During the last couple of TECHunplugged conferences we’ve had our fair share of awesome Veeam presentations, and I want to make sure you see them,  as for us it paints the perfect picture of why we have such an awesome sponsor in Veeam!

The first video during the Austin conference where Veeam presented we had Clint Wyckoff (@ClintWyckoff)  presenting on the following topic:

Veeam: Design Considerations: What is the ULTIMATE VM Backup Architecture?

The Second time in London Rick Vanover (@RickVanover) presented on the subject of:

Availability in the era of ransomware, cloud & legacy backup not being enough


The third conference Veeam presented was in Amsterdam and we had Mike Resseler (@MikeResseler) presenting on Using Cloud IAAS resources:

Veeam: Using Cloud IaaS resources by Mike Resseler



And the last event Veeam presented was in Chicago where Clint Wyckoff presented again on:

the Magic that Windows Server 2016 and ReFS provide to your next backup repository



Again we are very excited to have Veeam as a sponsor again and are looking forward to having one of the Veeam guys or girls presenting an awesome presentation again. So thank you Veeam for being such a cool sponsor and lets have another great TECHunplugged event together again!