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TECHunplugged London, Update #3

TECHunplugged London, Update #3

10:39 11 April in Community, Content, Uncategorized

TECHnplugged London is getting closer. It’s just a month away!

On 12th, at the Kensington Close hotel, End users, influencers and a few selected sponsors will be meeting up to discuss the latest trends of IT, the event is free but seating is limited. If you plan to attend it’s time to reserve a seat. join us now!

For those of you that are not familiar with this event, TECHunplugged is a one-day conference focused on the latest technology trends and how these technologies can be adopted to the real world. In fact, Real World IT is the theme of the day. The format is simple. Selected industry influencers present on what they see in the field, followed by vendors presenting their solutions and points of view. Our goal is to bring together end users, influencers and vendors for a day of learning, exchanging information and peer-to-peer networking.

Meet our influencers!

The influencer line-up for this TECHunplugged edition is amazing, as well as the agenda for the day, and this week I will be introducing Chris Mellor.

hqdefault-6efa8f86fdd8eb59e4cd06873c7c42c9e81171bdChris Mellor is Storage Editor for The Register and has written more than 4,000 article on storage since his Blocks and Files website was bought by The Register. Prior to that he had edited Storage magazine in the UK, and written for a variety of UK tech magazines. His IT experience comes from working for software consultancies, Digital Equipment Corporation, The Santa Cruz Operation and Unisys. He has an experimental psychology degree, and written sportscar buying guides and a few rock climbing guides in the past.
You can follow Chris on: Website: Twitter: @Chris_Mellor
Chris will be talking about: Storage Innovation: Gold Medals and Also-Rans
Innovation has careered along unceasingly in storage, with some ideas turning into outright winners and others sinking without trace or facing lingering death in small, market niches. What sorts out the gold medal winners from the also-rans, the relative failures, the dog poo? Let’s list the successes and the failures. And then ask if we can we use hindsight to identify success factors and take a look at future successes and failures?

Chris will also take part in one of the AMA (Ask Me Anything) roundtables, a moderated panel where attendees can ask their questions directly to influencers and sponsors.

Meet our sponsors!

There will be 7 sponsors in the UK, and they are preparing amazing content for the conference… and this week we are talking about Caringo.

caringo-logoCaringo develops object storage software that gives you control over any volume, flow or size of unstructured information; dramatically reducing complexity and costs while extracting maximum value and performance from hardware. Caringo’s unique benefits are delivered through a symmetric architecture that enables massive scalability, elastic content protection, and automation of management in a comprehensive software suite. The result is the industry’s most efficient object storage software ideal for cloud storage, big data, and active archives in any industry. For more info visit:
This is the first time presenting for Caringo at a TECHunplugged event, and we’re really looking forward to hearing more about the object storage technology!

Sign up and join us!

If you are already signed up I just want to remind you that on May 11th, the night before TECHunplugged, we will be having #Storagebeers. This is another great opportunity to meet up with other peers and have an informal chat about IT, new technologies or whatever you like. 
If you work for a vendor, remember that you have to pay a round of beers to attend…
If you haven’t registered yet, better hurry! Seating is limited and we already have 80 signed up. The venue is the Kensington Close Hotel (very central and easy to reach by tube or cab). Here the link to the TECHunplugged website and registration formAgenda is available here.
TECHunplugged is free for end users and independent IT professionals (there is a fee of £25 for non-presenting vendor employees).

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