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The PernixData for Tech Unplugged Austin: Bala Narasimhan

The PernixData for Tech Unplugged Austin: Bala Narasimhan

12:43 29 January in Community, Uncategorized

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The speaker for the Tech Unplugged conference in Austin will be Bala Narasimhan. A short bio of Bala can be found here, as well as the title and abstract of his talk:

Bala Narasimhan serves as Vice President, Products at PernixData where he is responsible for PernixData’s product strategy and roadmap. Prior to PernixData he was Director, Products at ParAccel, an enterprise software startup focused on data warehousing and analytics. Before ParAccel, he was a software engineer at Oracle and HP where he designed and developed key features in the Oracle RDBMS and the HP-UX operating system.

Bala has authored 2 patents for memory management in relational databases.

You can find Bala on twitter as @BalaNarasimhan 

In Austin Bala will talk about: PernixData: Infrastructure Analytics:The ideal use case for Big Data is hidden in plain sight

IT departments are working tirelessly to have their infrastructure meet the demands of users implementing big data platforms. Yet, IT departments, like the cobbler’s children, never get to use big data to solve their own problems. This is despite the fact that IT infrastructures worldwide have grown to such an enormous scale that the data (health, statistics, etc) coming out of network switches, virtual machines, storage systems, firewalls, etc, IS big data.
This talk will describe why IT infrastructure is the killer use case for big data and how best to implement big data for the needs of IT infrastructure. This will be followed by a description of use cases where these various kinds of analytics are most applicable and what it takes to build products that can satisfy these analytic requirements

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