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Zerto speaker Tech Unplugged Austin: Shannon Snowden

Zerto speaker Tech Unplugged Austin: Shannon Snowden

13:59 26 January in Community, Uncategorized

ShannonShannon Snowden is a Senior Technical Architect at Zerto, where Shannon helps develop and articulate the technical product
messaging and use cases so clients, prospects, industry analysts, and media better understand the value proposition of Zerto. He also establishes and develops strategic technical alliances with synergistic technology vendors to create productive co-branded solutions leveraging the power of Zerto.
Shannon is VMware VCP #12 and has been recognized as a VMware vExpert multiple times and he is also the owner of blog site.

Shannon has been a featured speaker at Citrix Synergy, and a  vBrownbag panel and session speaker at multiple VMworlds.  Shannon engages the audience in an informal, yet idea driven discussion with pace and content to maintain audience interest in the topics throughout the presentation. Shannon is also a regular speaker at IT industry events, podcasts and webinars and has been a delegate for Tech Field Day and served as a judge for Best of VMworld.

At the conference Shannon will be talking about Next Generation Data Protection and other Euphemisms:

As an IT manager, you decide to cut though the complex data protection decision making process by picking a limited number or even a single hardware/software vendor. You buy their whole data storage, replication and orchestration stack. Sure, it’s more expensive, but nobody gets fired for buying…wait, what?  They just got sold? Now you’re worried. Will the hardware survive the inevitable consolidation that will take place? How do I avoid this from happening in the future?

Join Shannon Snowden from Zerto as he discusses the importance of changing the IT decision-making philosophy to ensure survival as the next generation of data management and protection arises.

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