TECHunplugged | The Hedvig speaker in Austin: Eric Carter
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The Hedvig speaker in Austin: Eric Carter

The Hedvig speaker in Austin: Eric Carter

12:34 21 January in Content, Uncategorized

Team - Eric Carter - Compressed for Web - 500pxEric is senior director of marketing at Hedvig. He joins Hedvig from Riverbed, EMC, and Legato Systems where he held marketing and product leadership roles. Eric holds a Bachelor’s degree in public relations from Pepperdine University.

In Austin, Eric will be talking about:

How web-scale pioneers have changed storage forever

Storage architectures are being disrupted by practices taken from the playbook of companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Is this approach right for your business? Hear how a distributed system, software-defined solution works, how it helps you build a more agile, multi-site storage infrastructure at lower cost – and why it is likely in your future.

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