TECHunplugged | The Exagrid speaker in Austin: Abi Benecke
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The Exagrid speaker in Austin: Abi Benecke

The Exagrid speaker in Austin: Abi Benecke

10:03 21 January in Content, Uncategorized

Abi Benecke, a Senior Systems Engineer with ExaGrid Systems, has over 20 years of IT experience Abi_Benecke_Pictureincluding network administration, fault analysis, enterprise system and storage management, and backup and recovery specialist. Additionally, Abi spent over ten years in US Army Military Intelligence supporting signal, voice and human intelligence systems.

Presentation Title:

Stress-Free Backup Storage

Presentation Abstract:

If the time you spend managing backups could be better spent on other more important IT initiatives, join ExaGrid at TECHunplugged Austin to learn how ExaGrid’s disk backup with data deduplication appliances solve the problems that have plagued backup storage since the very beginning of IT as well as the newer problems caused by virtualization and explosive data growth.

ExaGrid’s unique landing zone and scale-out architecture provide the fastest backups, restores, and offsite tape copies as well as VM boots in seconds to minutes versus hours with other solutions. ExaGrid keeps the backup window fixed in length even as data grows at a reduced cost up front and over time. This session will be presented by Abi Benecke, Principal Systems Engineer with ExaGrid for 5 years, and Corey Ray, Territory Manager with ExaGrid for 2 years.

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