TECHunplugged | The Violin Memory speaker in Austin: Jayme Taylor
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The Violin Memory speaker in Austin: Jayme Taylor

The Violin Memory speaker in Austin: Jayme Taylor

09:56 21 January in Content, Uncategorized

VMEMJayme Taylor is a Sr. Systems Engineer and Technology Aficionado at Violin Memory with extensive experience in end user
mobility, data protection, data archival, tiered, and primary storage technologies supporting vertical markets including Electronic Discovery, SLED and Healthcare. Overall, Jayme has more than 18 years of enterprise data center architecture experience in both Enterprise and the Mid-Market.

Jayme is an engaging presenter and particularly enjoys having one-on-one conversations about storage technologies. He likes helping IT professionals solve their real-world business challenges, and the opportunity to talk with cross-functional teams in various business units about IT and storage infrastructure expectations so that everyone is aligned.  Jayme holds an impressive number of industry certifications and has authored certification programs and curriculum for America’s top Fortune 500 technology companies.

Session Title:

Optimizing Flash Storage for Primary, Capacity, Performance, and Demystifying the Cloud

Session Abstract:

Are you considering Flash as Primary Storage, a Performance Tier, or in any form of cloud? Have you considered I/O and latency in any of these environments? How do you measure cost in these environments? What types of data services do you expect will drive increased performance in your enterprise? This interactive session will focus on many of these design considerations as well as the best practices for designing the ULTIMATE Flash Architecture!

Reach out to Jayme directly at or directly at (972) 834-5295

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