TECHunplugged | 069: Machine Forgetting
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069: Machine Forgetting

22:13 18 January in Community, Uncategorized

— 069: Machine Forgetting

January 18, 2016


This weeks sees a full house plus a special guest…. Melissa Gurney.

On the agenda this week: 

@00:00 Intros

@04:00 News roundup

@05:25 The recent 8GB Windows 10 upgrade

@12:45 Is Microsoft the king of the hybrid cloud

@25:35 What does a female tech ninja look like

@31:10 Diablo gets another round of funding with a new CEO thrown in for free

@35:45 Inside view of EMC during the Elliott pressure

@38:50 Will Citrix still be around in a year from now

@44:50 Is IBM in trouble

@50:00 Will IBM ever be great again

@51:00 Hot or not

@54:30 Movie recommendations


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