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Arjan Timmerman

Arjan Timmerman

17:59 06 November in Influencers, Influencers Amsterdam 2016, Influencers Austin 2016, Influencers Boston 2016, Influencers London 2016, Uncategorized

Timmerman-wpcf_200x198Independent Consultant, architect and Blogger, working in IT for over 15 years. He began his career at a small IT company right before the first internet buble as an administrator, working his way up in the VMware revolution and the cloudy skies we see these days . Interested in the latest technolgy and all the connecting dots, investigating, analyzing and reading is the right way to stay ahead of the game if you ask him. In his spare time Arjan likes to read, play with his kids, and catch some fish with his oldest daughter.

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Twitter: @Arjantim

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