September 25, 2015


This week Marc and Nigel record the show live from TECH.UNPLUGGED Amsterdam. On the show they’re joined by Enrico Sgnoretti, Chris Mellor, Howard Marks, and a secret special guest….


Topics of conversation this week include:

@00:00 The AWS mega outage…. hope nobody needed to watch Netflix over the weekend!http:

@11:00 It’s patent war time in the hyperconverged world… with Simplivity spending their cash dragging Springpath through the courts

@17:00 Nexenta whips VSAN and Nutanix on the storage front… but who wouldn’t with shiny STEC Zeus RAM caching device on the front!?

@21:30 NVMe fabrics again…. some of our guests seem to think they’re viable as the high-speed storage interconnect of the future