August 13, 2015


This week, Trevor Pott from The Register joins GabrielMarc, and Nigel to discuss the best enterprise tech news from the week.

  • What’s the point of bloatware? Lenovo caught loading laptops with unremovable crapware [Link]
  • North Korea disappeared off the internet for 4 hours…. anybody notice? [It’s sooooo important I can’t find the link]
  • Gartner woos the world with a Magic Quadrant for “Integrated Systems”… we think that’s pretty much anything remotely converged [Link]
  • Google splits amid spat with the EU. Alphabet will be the new holding company [Link]  Marc also mentioned this interesting article during the show [Link
  • Congrats to Pure Storage (PSTG) who announced their intent to IPO [Link]  
  • Symantec dumps Veritas on the Carlyle Group and robs them of $8BN in the process [Link]