TECHunplugged | Nutanix produces “Community Edition” of Nutanix OS
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Nutanix produces “Community Edition” of Nutanix OS

08:13 13 May in Community, Uncategorized

— Nutanix produces “Community Edition” of Nutanix OS

I my last post I talked about EMC open-sourcing some of their products (in that scenario ViPR) and how that was probably a covert way of gaining access to other platforms they have no support for.  This week, Nutanix (a hyper-converged solution provider) announced what they are calling their “Community Edition”, a freely downloadable version of the Nutanix Operating System that drives their platform.  Why do this and why is it different to what EMC are attempting?

Although I haven’t been part of the private beta, or even tried out…


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